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Ginkgo biloba, Barbara Beisinghoff
1986 Karl Krolow Age in Fantasy
four colour etchings in the
viscosity technique
plus one text sheet.
Karl Krolow expressly wrote descriptions of the four
etchings in 1986.
Edition 25,
portfolio Herta Post,
57 x 54 cm
Philemon and Baucis, Barbara Beisinghoff
Butterfly, Barbara Beisinghoff

Age of Life

"Windstille: The first age needs wind vanes of imagination. The event has already begun with dreaming. Ginkgo Biloba: Imagination is caught up and quickly surpassed by the fullness of reality.  Philemon and Baucis: The world had become comfortable. Will it stay that way? The time of the zenith is over. The metamorphoses of autumn end in the darkness of age. Butterfly: not only seagulls flutter over rubble, the weather-beaten, the decay, there is something flapping fiercely in the air ... it is flying skywards." Karl Krolow

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