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Jacques Prévert The Lazybones – Le Cancre 1984

2. book: 2019 Le Cheval rouge de to Sourire 

Jacques Prévert,

Poem from Paroles 

Painting, Drawing, Collage 

Typewriter, Accordion-backed flag book,

Unique Bookcase

Dominic Fey, 20 x 13 cm

Mitte Kosmos_übersicht.jpg
3_cheval rouge_AS.jpg
Four colour etchings printed 
from one intaglio plate à la Hayter 
to four poems by Jacques Prévert 
from Paroles, 1946, The Lazybones 
Lost time, School of Fine Arts and 
the Red Horse of your Smile
German and French 
Foreword Christian Scheffler
Hand typesetting Emilio Sdun 
Hahnemühle handmade paper 
Edition of 25; linen portfolio 
57 x 54 cm
ecole des Beaux Arts

Le Cancre:

With chalk in all colours he draws the face of happiness on the black board of misfortune. The School of Fine Arts: The children's amazement at the unfolding of a Japanese paper flower rising from a shell in a glass of water before them. The red horse of your smile: It is as true as the whip of my four truths.

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