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Continuous Spectrum 

The series ‘Continuous Spectrum’, paintings on Kozo paper, each 66 x 49 cm, came into existence from 2000 onwards and was condensed in 2022. The various single sheets came about parallel to my engagement with the shared history of light and consciousness in the artist’s books ‘Herzlicht’, ’Sohar’ and Goethe’s colour circle.  

Kontinuierliches Spektrum 


Plant Beds 

“With 'Patterned Plant Beds' Barbara Beisinghoff leads us into a world of sensuality. To start with, she engages decidedly with the elemental level of her work, paper that grows beyond its function as a carrier to become a medium, a space for movement. Motifs for images, patterns, dancing letters of the alphabet, colour spectrums, and light effects grow out of this space or, in the case of the watermarks, shine through it.” 

   Hannelore Schneiderheinze, 



Saffron Wings

Saffron Wings, hand-scooped and cast papers. Paper makers used to belong, e.g. in Basle, to the Saffron Guild.