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Submerged Time

Five one-of-a-kind books 2004, each with couched poems from Sprachgitter by Paul Celan: third to fifth book on handmade light green paper in portfolio

30 x 42 cm

1. Book: Really Spun Never,

text from Paul Celan's linguistic lattice, made of fine sugar cane paper, 14 blue handmade sheets with scoopings, drawing, watercolour and etching,

39 pages, 30 x 42 cm

2. Book: An eye open,

couched text from Paul Celan's linguistic grid, 14 watermarked sheets each with drawing,

40 pages, 30 x 22 cm, one of a kind, in the Marbach Literary Archive

3. Book: Jacob's Voice,

couched poem by Paul Celan, drawing, watercolour, 14 watermarked sheets

4.Book: Voices,

couched poem by Paul Celan,

14 sheets of watermarks, scooped drawing, watercolour

5.Book: 2004 No voice, couched poem by Paul Celan,

14 sheets watermark, scooped drawing, watercolour


Immersed time means the procedures of etching and creating watermarked sheets and going into landscapes and emerging after a period of immersion. "Perhaps it is fair to say that Beisinghoff's sheets give words a new semantics beyond language. They transfer the literature they encompass into a new quality characterised by ambivalence rather than subordination." Friederike Schmidt Möbus, 2004

2004, Paul Celan - ten poems 
from Sprachgitter, 
ten colour etchings à la Hayter 
on Hahnemühle handmade paper 
eleven transparent sheets, hand 
set and letterpress by Emilio Sdun 
Edition of 20, Köhler portfolio 
35 x 40 cm
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