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catching thoughts alive

The Glass Dragonfly

Do thoughts fly to you like that? No, I have 

to catch them alive."

The dancing glass dragonfly as an image for art - dazzling and difficult to capture.

braille writing
crystal thoughts
she dances in front of me
1998, Six colour etchings, each 
60 x 70 cm correspond to seven 
Haiku by Rudolf Jüdes. Seven small 
text sheets with embossing and Braille each 29 x 21 cm are inserted in a passepartout, handset and 
letterpress by Emilio Sdun
portfolio Köhler, edition of 25
2005 the second glass dragonfly 
etching, drawing, Braille and 
embossing, 36 pages, handset 
and letterpress Emilio Sdun 
Swiss brochure, nine variations, 
perforated book cover 
and transparent slip case 
Dominic Fey, 30 x 22 cm 
2006 the third glass dragonfly 
etching, drawing, handwritten Haiku 
76 pages, unique copy, 
Swiss brochure, 
22 x 25 cm, 
in the Klingspor Museum
crystal thoughts
2007 the fourth glass dragonfly
23 etchings, drawing, watercolour 
collage, frottage, handwritten haiku 
on 46 sheets of lokta 
Swiss brochure, unique 
book cover Köhler, 27 x 35 cm
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