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where light and watermarks meet arises a treasure room of shadows, Barbara Beisinghoff


In addition to the optical and spiritual dimension of light, the watermark suite addresses the light between people. Heart Light. The Entwined History of Light and Mind leads us into spaces of the open.

2000, Lichtenberg figures on
fifteen watermarked sheets and
inclusions of Sudel sheet fragments 
by Dietrich Mahlow, seventeen 
transparent sheets with texts by 
Georg Chr. Lichtenberg, Novalis 
and Arthur Zajonk, hand-set 
and letterpress Emilio Sdun 
The 32 single sheets 63 x 44 cm
Köhler cassette, 10 variants 
the garden does not blossom to whom who does not tame time, Barbara Beisinghoff
Don't forget that in the sky of your life you alone are the sun, Barbara Beisinghoff
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