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Turtle and guinea pig, Barbara Beisinghoff
a sad angel , Barbara Beisinghoff

The Angel is my Watermark

About the creation of a masterpiece and the emancipation of watermarks. "Behind all things there is an animal. This is our deepest obsession. When I see people grazing in the brightness of existence like light-hungry sunflowers, I think to myself: just squirm and imagine all sorts of things.

the angel is there to put a shamrock in your buttonhole, Barbara Beisinghoff
2009, Henry Miller 
Father Imberdis and own text
Etching, watermark, silkscreen, 
handmade paper, Publisher 
Women's Studio Workshop NY, 
Flag book with 13 sewn-on layers
edition of 47,
30 x 24 cm
Angel Umschlag
Angel Umschlag
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