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Dew-retted flax, Barbara Beisinghoff
Tau blau, Barbara Beisinghoff
Combed flax, Barbara Beisinghoff

Dew blue - Tau blau

Blue-coloured paper for the colour of the flax blossoms. Rain, sun and dew cause the dew retting. Watermarked with the golden triangle of phyllotaxis and a section through a flax stalk and waterjet-drawn translucent Fibonacci numbers found on composite flowers.

2013 documentation of 
my own cultivation of flax, 
observation of its growth 
and dew retting 
Hans Chr. Andersen's flax fairy tale 
German and English handset and 
letterpress Wolfgang Blauert
John Gerard handmade translucent 
paper from dew-retted, hackled flax 
+ blue, white paper; Etching, 
drawing, watermark and waterjet 
flag book, eleven layers sewn on 
the leporello spine can be moved 
back and forth like the field 
of flax blossoms in the wind 
Linen hand binding and cassette 
Vera Schollemann 
edition 38; 22 x 18 cm
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