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Summer letter

Eight 70 x 50 cm watermarked pictures for Christa Wolf's Cassandra in the Stadtmuseum Berlin Christa-und-Gerhard-Wolf- Kunststiftung

June 1st -4th 2023, Draw thoughts on the sky for the bbk-75 exhibition, my three-part installation of handmade watermarks was shown under the glass roof of the documenta Hall in Kassel

July 6th – September 7th 2023 exhibition Barbara Beisinghoff – Artist’s books Town Hall Dreieich. Sprendlingen Etching 110 x 220 cm is a permanent loan

July 25th to September 1st 2023 exhibition Barbara Beisinghoff - Public Art in the new administrative building of the District House in Korbach

August 10th- September 3rd 2023 Watermarks for the

September 10th , 2023 at 4 p.m. Artist's book presentation Day and Night: Once the unconscious will come to light in context of the exhibition Pay attention - contains life at the Klingspor Museum Offenbach

October 20 th - 22 th 2023 EDITION GLÄSERNE LIBELLE / BARBARA BEISINGHOFF Kunstquartier Bethanien at Mariannenplatz, Berlin


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