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Mein Gesicht, Barbara Beisinghoff

Gertrud Kolmar

You who read this, watch out,

for you are turning over a human (leaf).

But it is only made out of cardboard for you.

Nach innen drehn, Barbara Beisinghoff
Dreizehn gläserne Zimmer, Barbara Beisinghoff
2007 I am the toad 
and carry the gemstone
Etching, water colour, drawing 
frottage and manuscript about 
‘Day and animal dreams’ 
by Gertrud Kolmar, 71 pages 
bookbinding by Köhler, one of a kind 
25 x 35 cm, Marbach Literature Archive
2019 Turning my face inwards
Etching on handmade sheets 
hand set and letterpress 
and typewriting about 
‘Day and animal dreams’ 
by Gertrud Kolmar 
double-sided flag book 
one of a kind, 27 x 30.5 cm
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