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Purple Dyer


Ovid´s Metamorphoses,

Book 6 

The Lydian weaver, Arachne, entered 

into a competition with the goddess 

Pallas Athena. Since in separate rooms 

a thousand colours shone through it, 

so they blended in with one another, 

confounding the observant eye. 

Thus that which is next to one another 

seems the same and what lies further 

afield unlike. Angry at the pride and 

the self-confidence of the artist, 

Athena changes the weaver 

into a spider. All weaver spiders 

are called after her Arachnidae.

1986, Six etchings on Hahnemühle 
hand-made sheets, a folded sheet 
of text with the Metamorphoses 
translated into hexameters 
by Johann Heinrich Voss.
The etchings are printed with only
one printing plate in the Hayter 
simultaneous colour printing 
technique. Edition of 20 
folder, 39 x 47 cm
Arachne´s metamorphosis
Divine spark
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