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that I saw in the dream (Seeing clearly against light)
2001 clairvoyance against the light 
21 sheets with watermark-sentences 
from Christa Wolf´s ‘Cassandra’ 
some with drawing inlays 
for installations against light 
as a tower or room 
for a clairvoyant/seer
each one of a kind, 70 x 50 cm

2003 Library of the clairvoyant, twelve unique books, 

self-made paper with inlays, drawing, watercolour, collage, handwriting 

Envelopes made of waterjet drawings colored in red 

The twelve books are dedicated to Christa Wolf's Kassandra,

30 x 21 cm each 

2005 Colours I saw 

"The light that I saw together with Aeneas as often as we could, the light of the hour, just before the sun goes down." 

Twelve books, each one of a kind

Self-made paper with inlays, drawing 

water colour, collage, manuscript

Envelopes made of red dyed water jet drawings.

The twelve books are dedicated to 

Christa Wolf´s ‘Cassandra’ 

each 30 x 21 cm

Hell sehen gegen Licht

With Christa Wolf’s permission I used sentences from her novel Cassandra for watermarked words for the installation 'Tower for a Clairvoyante'. Light inside the tower makes the words visible.


Library of the clairvoyante

Christa Wolf´s novel ‘Cassandra’ only mentions the clay tablets of the scribes. I could not imagine that Priam´s clever daughter did not have a library. In the imaginary library of Cassandra I juxtapose texts written by self-confident women, from the Sumerian princess, En-hedu-anna, to Elfriede Jelinek, with sentences from Christa Wolf´s ‘Cassandra’.


 1. Book:  In the twilight

 2. Book: Berlin goddess

 3. Book: Glow head and dust trail

 4. Book: Beyond the walls of the citadel

 5. Book: On the thread of my life

 6. Book: White Block

 7. Book: Chaos

 8. Book: Colours I saw

 9. Book: A bright streak

10. Book: Mercilessly observed

11. Book: From tone to tone or note-birds

12. Book: Is time long or is it wide?

Life and Death

2017 Life and Death,

Red and Black

Cassandra as an archaeologist of memory: she observes the language/speech of her own people in Troy. They call Menelaos an enemy, not a guest any more. Manipulation of language leads to war.

‘Cassandra’ by Christa Wolf Eight 
layers each with four sheets 
of water colour, etching, watermark 
and water jet puncture drawing
Papers hand- made, three variations 
in German; the No. 4 is in English and
belongs to the Special Collections 
of Vassar College, New York
Lefa cover with incised title 
Coptic binding, 32 x 32 cm
Colours I saw
About the love of Christa Wolf´s 
‘Cassandra’ and Aeneas
Eleven coloured watermarked sheets 
with drawing and collage
Hand set and letterpress 
by Klaus Münchschwander 
folder 59 x 42 cm, 10 variations
1-3 bound in the form 
of a Swiss broschure 
4-10 as single sheets.
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