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2008 Staircases to the heavens 
from letters of Bettine Brentano 
to Caroline von Günderode
26 etchings and 3 letterpressed 
Graphics, 76 pages of Fabriano 
hand-made sheets, Hanji and 
printed punched paper tape from 
Monotype; hand set and letterpress
Diotima font Gudrun Zapf von Hesse 
Edition of 20, 26 x 19 cm
2017 ‘Into the footloose life 
between yearning and mischief’
Etching, drawing and typewriting on 
hand-made paper, 33.5 x 26 x 3 cm
Quotations from: ‘Into the footloose 
life enters a yearning 1985, Gerhard 
Wolf: ‘Yearning is always right’, 
fragments about Bettine von Arnim. 
Christa Wolf: ‘The next life begins 
today – a letter about Bettine.’
One of a kind in private collection 
Dietmar Mayer, summarises in 
‘Kunstdokumentation KD VII’ 
the mentioned and the 2nd one-off 
‘Springwurzel’ 2017, research about
 the vocabulary work carried out 
by the Grimm brothers and about 
Bettine von Arnim´s efforts 
on their behalf. Photo book, 
36 x 27 cm, 38 pages, Edition of 28.
2019 The raven black-haired woman 
(Bettine) and the Brothers Grimm
Etching, drawing, painting, collage, 
plants in hand-made paper
Typewriting, hardback, Coptic binding
 box by Dominic Fey, one of a kind
 27 x 17 cm, Herzog-August-Bibliothek 
HAB Wolfenbüttel


Bettine climbs at her grandmother´s place in Offenbach the poplars beside the river Main. For her speeches to Caroline von Günderode she climbs, even in times of storm and blizzards, under the canopy of the stars, up to the observatory in Marburg, after she is no longer allowed to see her friend.

College students in Marburg/Undergraduates in Marburg
At the Rhein
At the Rhein
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