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The irrepressible longing of the outsider, the lonely boy who has to search for the Puck and the author's power of words made me carve the text into the metal plates. The quest ends with the boy merging with the Puck in the underground reservoir of electricity. "When I was poured out, heavy with gold,

I felt a deeply satiating calm. Round as a puck

I lay, embedded in the blank surface of the ice-root table,

a glacial inlay."

The Puck

Der Puck
1995, Narrative by Hermann Burger 
printed from two etched zinc plates.
Etching, painting and 
handwritten text additions
26 pages, the outer pages are folded 
Hahnemühle handmade paper sheets 
the inside pages are held together by 
Buchstab sticks, two unique leporellos and a witch's staircase,
132 x 90 cm
Mitte Kosmos_übersicht.jpg
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