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Of the inner balance

Die Seele im Ellenbogen

"Paradise is locked and the cherub behind us. We must make the journey around the world and see if it is perhaps open again from behind somewhere. We would have to eat from the tree of knowledge again in order to fall back into the state of innocence? In the image of the concave mirror ... thus, when knowledge has passed through an infinite, grace finds itself again."

Wieder vom Baum der Erkenntnis essen?
ie Reise um die Welt
1998, Heinrich von Kleist 
On the Marionette Theatre
Etching, drawing,
nine folded sheets,
interspersed with yellow on the outside 
inside white handmade Kozo paper 
through cut windows. 
Hand-set and letterpress Emilio Sdun
five variations
portfolio Köhler
65 x 49 cm
Mitte Kosmos_übersicht.jpg
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