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How the beam of light touched him

From the foreword by Christa Lichtenstern: "When Barbara Beisinghoff uses water jets to pierce her handmade paper, whirring fields of light are created, causing her compositions to vibrate and her mysterious oscillating spaces to appear as if traversed by inexplicable cosmic movements. Here, the omnipresent potential of transformation can lead the way: Light transforms!”

2000, ‘The Singing Jumping Lion Lark’ 
of the Brothers Grimm. Three collotypes printed at Lichtdruckkunst Leipzig one etching, four watermarks 
created with Johannes Follmer 
one photo on Kozo and 
one text sheet hand-set and 
letterpress, Emilio Sdun
ten sheets in embossed portfolio 
10 variations, 70 x 50 cm
a ray as fine as a hair fell on the king's son
transformed as a dove, Barbara Beisinghoff
Night wind
Lion Lark, staircase to the moon, Barbara Beisinghoff
2000, ‘The Singing Jumping Lion Lark’ 
consists, too of 32 handmade sheets 
70 x 50 cm with drawing,
watermarks and a continuous water jet text ‘Dearest father, I want to go and 
already want to appease the lion.’ 
I installed the sheets on the risers 
of the stairs to the sun
and the moon
to be read against the light.
Installation folder
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