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Chemise, Barbara Beisinghoff

The Wild Swans

With her bare hands, the sister makes shirts from stinging nettles. She works silently for six years to redeem her brothers.

Dream cave, Barbara Beisinghoff
Plumage , Barbara Beisinghoff
2001 Text collage of the fairy tale 
versions by Hans Chr. Andersen 
and the Brothers Grimm 
on nine transparent sheets 
hand-setting and letterpress 
Gutenberg Museum Printshop
18 single sheets of handmade paper 
by Johannes Follmer,
the plumage, 
le chemise and couched paper 
are made of cultivated stinging nettle 
nine fairy tale pictures with drawing 
and watercolour,
embossed cassette 
25 variations, 35 x 25 cm
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