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Flying with your egg usurper, Barbara Beisinghoff
Mango Man, Barbara Beisinghoff

Mango Man

with a quirky habit of staggering

I had the privilege of scooping the watermark sheets at Florian Kohler's Gmund Paper Manufactory on Lake Tegern - soundproof - from beech pulp. Mango peels sewn onto the scooping screen became the mango man. When Frans Mon saw the openwork leaves, he only wanted twenty percent attention for his sentences.

To my sock lemur, Barbara Beisinghoff
1998 Franz Mon Adamitic caesurae 
26 sets of letters
26 watermarks scooped from 
13 sieves, 13 x from upright sieve, 
13 x from the upside down sieve, 
plus an imprint sheet
Hand-setting and letterpress
Emilio Sdun, 4 variants, 63 x 44 cm
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