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Tone grammar of En-hedu-anna

2400 BC was the start of writing in cuneiform on clay or tone tablets, Ton - Klang. The first ever poetry, scribed by En-hedu-anna. The poetess was a high priestess in Ur and the daughter of King Sargon. In her giparu, the sanctuary for the moon divinity, Sum. Inanna, Akk. Sin or Ishtar, she lay on a luminous, fertile, blooming couch, surrounded by lapislazuli plants. Once En-hedu-anna was banished for a time to the desert, where she wrote ‘My mouth is no longer full of honey. Everything has now crumbled to dust’

Emegal große Sprache
1998, Tone grammar of En-hedu-anna 
Seven colour etchings 
from small printing forms 
set in lines, 79 x 106 cm 
four sheets hand set and letterpress 
by Emilio Sdun 
embossing and collage 
folder inside and flaps 
with handwritten quotes 
No.1 one of a kind
1998 Enheduanna, sacrificial priestess
in Ur is banished to the desert
Linen folder, eleven sheets of laid paper,
seven unique etchings
and four sheets of text 
Hand typesetting and letterpress
Emilio Sdun, 2 variants, 79 x 53 cm 
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