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Star canopy, Barbara Beisinghoff

Helma Sanders-Brahms

Helma Sanders-Brahms writes after two visits in Rhoden about the growing of flax: ‘The blue of the blossoms combines with the blue of the sky’, about the dreams of humanity and the last journey - in a shroud of linen. ‘Blues’ reflects on the value and history of women’s labor and on the cycle of life.

2020 ‘Blues’ 10 double-sided etchings 
for the growing months of flax 
from March to December 
and 30 blue silk-screen prints
Helma’s text ` Blues for Barbara ‘ 
in German and English,
flag book 
80 pages,
embossed linen box
Edition of 35, 29 x 22 cm.
 Pleasure garden, Barbara Beisinghoff
October, Barbara Beisinghoff
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