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Marina Tsvetaeva as the woman giving birth, seeing, walking and playing.

I do not see hands any more, Barbara Beisinghoff
Speech lost its sounds, Barbara Beisinghoff
Speech lost its sounds, Barbara Beisinghoff

Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva´s poetry ignites while practising on the piano, while deciphering the words above the notes. Her life´s journey took her from revolutionary Moscow into exile and into banishment.

2005 Piano childhood
Eleven differently coloured watermark 
pictures, drawing and collage poetry from ‘Haus am alten Pimen’  by Marina Tsvetaeva, translation Elke Erb
Hand set and letterpress 
by Klaus Münchschwander,
ten variations copies 1-3 bound,
4-10 as single sheets 
in a folder 59 x 42 cm
Laced fingers, Barbara Beisinghoff
2012 I would wish to sing 
of the silvered staircase
four sheets for
Marina Tsvetaeva´s poem 
‘The dark staircase’
in Russian and French 
1. etching ‘Birth/Naissance’ 
2. photomontage Voyante
3. waterjet drawing poem Dark staircase cyrillic script
White staircase + gelatine 
4.perforated etching Black staircase 
Anne Arc and Serge Chamchinov 
20 variations,
35 x 22 cm
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