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The large blue Lokta paper hangs upright on the wall in front of me. In May, with the help of Janet Sifft, I had coated it with the Cyanotypie solution, covered it with shadow patterns and exposed it to the sun. The large paper pieces had been lying on supporting screens on the grass, weighted down against the wind with finger rakes and hula hoops. Now upright in the studio, they demand my intervention, which sets the rhythm, accent and direction and guides the viewer's gaze.

I use white and dark pencils to carve out bays and currents, pathways and boundaries from the blue. Sternzwirn and perforated sheeting do not deny their origins. They assert themselves in the space beneath a horizon. This arsenal of hairpins, circuit boards and paper clips is part of my vocabulary collection. The filigree flat pieces leave imprints in paper during material printing, watermarks when sewn onto the scoop screens and form shadow patterns during cyanotyping.

Over 200 visitors came to the summer festival Künstlernachlässe Kassel e.V. on 21 June

My exhibition Alabasterspur at the Museum Haus der Stadtgeschichte Offenbach in the Erich Martin Room is extended until 31 July 2024. Sunday, 7 July, 12 - 1 pm Guided tour by Barbara Beisinghoff through the exhibition, Photo Simon Malz Hot Printing Festival

5-7 July 2024 Artists' Book Fair with stand at Klingspor Museum

Bettina von Haaren and Wolfgang Folmer 24.6.2024 Artist talk Dortmunder U

Museum Vilnius 10th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius 2024

9 - 23 August Exhibition participation Gallery Drächslhaus Munich

On 12-13 July, Barbara Brübach and Franz Teye will be coming for a letterpress project. Still to come this year are the Book Art Days at the Lyrik Kabinett Munich 15 - 17 November, 22 - 24 November and the 9th Buchkunst Weimar 6 - 8 December.

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