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Children's parade etchings

The youth fire department arrived with ten children to draw for the relief "We for All" – Mia, Timo and Lotte-Mathilda, Tom, Paul and Bastian act as hose carriers. On the other reliefs Melanie with high ladder, Max, Lasse-Mattis and Sam.

Bright and clear sounds the trombone choir, represented by Lina and Lukas, trumpet. They balance on staves between intervals with little animals. Nele's balloons fly to the notes.

The Walmebad in Teichheide is featured with a jumping cow next to the dolphin.

The children in the parade dressed up, Lia as a butterfly, Pia as a unicorn, Frieda and Daniela as cats, Jonah as a dragon, Luna as an angel, Emilia in a dirndl and Jon as a snowborder. Anatoly from Kiev region and Kiril play guitar and Medina sings into the microphone 'Best friends'. Among the foot crowd many turtles and rabbits, snails and an earthworm.

"Don't get tired,

but quietly hold out your hand to the

miracle like a bird!" Hilde Domin

One hundred children and some adults have immortalized themselves on the four copper reliefs. From each relief three etchings were printed 1/3 -3/3.

In the relief, of course, the writing is not mirrored.


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