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Children's procession

So far, 97 children have immortalized themselves with drawings on the four copper plates

for the "Children's Parade" relief on the city wall. There is room for about 100 self-portraits.

There is still the possibility to line up with an incised drawing in the covering varnish until

next week. The children's procession on the 4-metre relief is led by Josias with the drum

and the brave Malou.

DONA NOBIS PACEM - Give us peace

In this relief, Elena, Tamina, Sina, Lea and Eleanor are practising self-defence - with hands

and feet. To illustrate the fast movement, Sina has drawn her left leg infour positions. Lina

Simon, standing upright on the horse, stretches her hands upwards where the urgent

wishes DONA NOBIS PACEM, confidence, peace for the future - paix pour l'avenir,

friendship and love are sent into the starry sky.


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