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Communicative artwork Rhoden

In the meantime, 80 children have immortalized themselves on the copper plates for the relief in Diemelstadt and the first of the four plates has been etched. Such a communicative work of art is fun for the participants because many children play together on one tableau, about 25.

Story of the dance and flying balls

Handball is played over the heads of the footballers and Anhelina practices a handstand next to the electric guitar. Max scatters grains for his splendid chickens. In front of them, Dora and

Melissa play music, while Sarah and Milena dance to it, wearing crowns - like princesses.

Horse riding plays a big role in Rhoden, on the horses Marit and Theresa, Lea and Elena. The little children in the foreground are the cheekiest, Arian and Mila with Mala. On top of the sun is written ‘peace’ and ’safety’ above the clouds.


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