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We for all – Rhoden's new center

May 13, 2023, Rhoden celebrates its new center, Waldecker Landeszeitung, May 15, 2023,

Photos and Text: Elmar Schulten.

"Several visions became reality. Looking back, Mayor Schröder noted that with the redevelopment of the road, several visions had become reality at the same time. Twelve years ago, he had spoken in the election campaign of a family-friendly and economically strong Diemelstadt and promised to improve the quality of life. At the same time, the internationally renowned artist and Rhoder citizen Barbara Beisinghoff had outlined her vision of the "Lustgarten Art Trail".

At the town festival, Barbara Beisinghoff once again called together many of the 100 Rhoder children and young people who had created a children's parade with her. The children had drawn themselves on copper plates and these are now part of the Gesamtkunstwerk on the town wall in frontwhich of the community center. Here they are to be just as permanent a part of the art trail as the inscription "I remain", which was chiseled into the grown rock floor of the castle courtyard a few years ago by Brunswick students at the suggestion of the artist."

Who else has photos or videos of the dedication of the relief with the children in front of it, some of whom had dressed as they were depicted. Please send me the photos which I may publish on the blog.

Radierung mit Kindern


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