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A communicative art project

Children are our energy carriers and they are our future. A children's parade in the town center.

Children immortalise themselves

As part of the redevelopment of the town centre and the road reconstruction in Diemelstadt-Rhoden, I was commissioned to create a communicative artwork.

There is a war in Europe and an energy crisis is looming. Due to the Corona pandemic, there was little activity in the old centre of Rhoden.

My call "Children, immortalise yourselves on a relief on the town wall" is shared via Crossiety, school, newspaper and word of mouth. Children and young people are invited to my workshop. I encourage them to draw themselves in motion. From Four-year-olds to Twenty-year-olds, they form a childrens' procession, striding out wide, with instruments, on bikes, playing football and handball, on horseback, in fancy dress and with pets. They scratch into the varnish with etching needles down to the bare copper and put their names under the drawing.

Peace is the most important

Children are our energy carriers. The most important things for the future are added to the figures: Peace is carved first, security, cohesion, perseverance, diversity, freedom and courage - Сміливість. So far, 68 children and young people have immortalised themselves on the four copper plates, ten of them from Ukraine.


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